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Selling an aircraft

Unlock the Value: Trust IJC for Smooth Aircraft Sales

Our team of experienced professionals, in conjunction with a vast global network, is dedicated to provide service and support for each step of the sales process – starting with the evaluation of the aircraft and jointly defining the price, up to the exchange of titles and funds to finally close the transaction and deliver the Aircraft to the new owner.

IJC Monaco will provide maximum transparency to the seller during the sales process. We will aim towards simplifying the process and ensure a smooth and efficient transaction.
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Purchasing an Aircraft

Embark on a Journey of Acquisition

At IJC Monaco, we understand that searching and buying an aircraft can be a daunting process. Let our dedicated team take over this challenge and ensure, that you will be fully satisfied at the end of the transaction.

Together, we will identify the aircraft that best suits your needs, budget and lifestyle. Based on these requirements we are then looking for the best possible option. We deliver trust and transparency on each step of the process towards a successful acquisition of your new Aircraft.
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IJC Monaco

Your Premier Partner for Exclusive Aircraft Transactions

By choosing IJC Monaco as your partner in buying or selling your aircraft, you will receive a fully committed team, which will strive every day to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

„I never slept better in a Private Jet before”.

Happy Customer (G550)

A happy and well rested client after a good night sleep in our G550, which is equipped with the Deep Sleep System by EULER.

“The Service on board was sensational and the Crew made my day”

G550 Client

“Super-Fast Internet on board, which is great. As for the rest – well looked after G550 in the hands of a highly professional crew”

G550 Client

“Very professional Crew who dealt with last minute changes and request in a pragmaticand efficient way”

G550 Client

“Beautiful Jet, great Crew – happy to fly with them again”

G550 Client

“Greatand transparent communication, always quick to provide feedback and pragmatic approach to short notice changes or challenges in general“

Broker Client

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Our dedicated team is eager to fulfill your travel needs with unparalleled dedication, discretion, and safety.
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