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Unveiling Our Vision: Discover the Essence of IJC Monaco

At IJC Monaco, our foundational pillars stand at the core of everything we do. We believe that the essence of outstanding service lies not just in the destinations we reach, but in the values we uphold. Our commitment to these principles - Commitment, Honesty, and Quality - defines our approach and differentiates our service.

Our Journey in Aviation Excellence

From Passion to Global Presence

Born from a deep-rooted love for aviation, International Jet Concepts stands today as a testament to dedication, innovation, and a quarter-century of expertise in Private Aviation. With strategic locations in Monaco and Salzburg, we’re committed to offering you both expansive reach and personalized proximity.

Our story
International Jet Concepts was born out of one man’s lifelong passion for the aviation industry and his resolve to create innovative services in Private Aviation. With our office in Monaco, a fully dedicated team, and a vast network built over 25 years in the Private Aviation sector, IJC provides a global reach while maintaining close, personalized relationships with each client.
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Anchored in Excellence

Values that Elevate Every Journey

For International Jet Concepts, values are the compass guiding our every action. From transparent communication to impeccable service, we’re dedicated to embodying these principles in every touchpoint with our clients.

„I never slept better in a Private Jet before”.

Happy Customer (G550)

A happy and well rested client after a good night sleep in our G550, which is equipped with the Deep Sleep System by EULER.

“The Service on board was sensational and the Crew made my day”

G550 Client

“Super-Fast Internet on board, which is great. As for the rest – well looked after G550 in the hands of a highly professional crew”

G550 Client

“Very professional Crew who dealt with last minute changes and request in a pragmaticand efficient way”

G550 Client

“Beautiful Jet, great Crew – happy to fly with them again”

G550 Client

“Greatand transparent communication, always quick to provide feedback and pragmatic approach to short notice changes or challenges in general“

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