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Exclusive Jet Fleet Access with IJC

From short hops to ultra-long-range flights, almost any itinerary can be accommodated. Private Jet Charter offers a high level of privacy,  luxury and time saving. IJC Monaco, with its in-depth understanding and decades of experience in the aviation market, is the perfect partner when you wish for travelling in a Private Jet.  By doing our due diligence, handling the negotiations and the paperwork, we will not only ensure a smooth transaction, but also provide the best possible options for your planned trip.

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Experience Customized Luxury with IJC Monaco's World-Class Fleet

IJC Monaco has access to the world's largest and most advanced collection of Private Jets. This enables us to provide customized solutions which fulfill your every desire. 
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Indulge in Unmatched Luxury by IJC Monaco

Step into a world of unrivaled luxury with InternationalJetConcepts Monaco's exquisite fleet of private jets. Each meticulously selected aircraft exudes opulence, featuring lavish interiors and cutting-edge amenities. From spacious cabins to state-of-the-art entertainment systems, the fleet is designed to provide the utmost comfort and sophistication.
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IJC Monaco

Redefining Elite Travel: Where Luxury Meets Safety and Discretion

Private Jet Charter and Brokerage Services, provided by IJC Monaco, redefine the way Individuals travel by emphasizing luxury, efficiency, convenience and personalized service, but never compromise on safety.

„I never slept better in a Private Jet before”.

Happy Customer (G550)

A happy and well rested client after a good night sleep in our G550, which is equipped with the Deep Sleep System by EULER.

“The Service on board was sensational and the Crew made my day”

G550 Client

“Super-Fast Internet on board, which is great. As for the rest – well looked after G550 in the hands of a highly professional crew”

G550 Client

“Very professional Crew who dealt with last minute changes and request in a pragmaticand efficient way”

G550 Client

“Beautiful Jet, great Crew – happy to fly with them again”

G550 Client

“Greatand transparent communication, always quick to provide feedback and pragmatic approach to short notice changes or challenges in general“

Broker Client

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Ready to experience the epitome of private air travel?

Our dedicated team is eager to fulfill your travel needs with unparalleled dedication, discretion, and safety.
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