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The Art of Private Jet Management

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Managing a Private Jet is a complex and demanding task, requiring ablend of meticulous planning, detailed knowledge, experience and a high levelof service delivery. It includes but is not limited to:
01. Maintenance and Repair

Ensuring that the Jet is well-serviced and maintained. This includes regular inspections for wear and tear, repair work, and scheduled servicing.

02. Compliance with Regulations

The Private Jet must conform to various aviation regulations. The Jet Operator must ensure that all certifications are up to date and all safety and operational regulations are being followed.

03. Flight Operations

Managing flight schedules, routes, and flight crews.

04. Budgeting and Finance

Calculating operation costs, budgeting for repairs, fuel costs, crew salaries, and other expenses associated with managing a private jet.

05. Crew management

This includes hiring, training, and planning the rosters for pilots and flight attendants.

Enhancing Every Aspect of Jet Ownership

Comprehensive Management Beyond the Cockpit

IJC Monaco offers a comprehensive suite of Aircraft Management Services.With our expertise and attention to detail, the client will benefit from lowoperational costs, premium and customer service and the highest possible safetystandards.
06. Passenger Service

Handling the needs of the PAX on board the Jet, including food and drink, entertainment, baggage service, and any other specific requests from passengers.

07. Security

Ensuring both in-flight and on-ground security measures are in place and followed.

08. Insurance

Managing risk through aviation insurance hare also crucial.

09. (Potential) Chartering

If the Jet is not in use, it can be rented out to other private parties, therefore flight arrangements for charters and negotiations for prices needs to be managed.

10. Long-Term Planning

This includes anticipating future expenses such as replacement parts and potential upgrades, forecasting occupancy rates, and assessing the overall performance of the private jet.

„I never slept better in a Private Jet before”.

Happy Customer (G550)

A happy and well rested client after a good night sleep in our G550, which is equipped with the Deep Sleep System by EULER.

“The Service on board was sensational and the Crew made my day”

G550 Client

“Super-Fast Internet on board, which is great. As for the rest – well looked after G550 in the hands of a highly professional crew”

G550 Client

“Very professional Crew who dealt with last minute changes and request in a pragmaticand efficient way”

G550 Client

“Beautiful Jet, great Crew – happy to fly with them again”

G550 Client

“Greatand transparent communication, always quick to provide feedback and pragmatic approach to short notice changes or challenges in general“

Broker Client

IJC Monaco

Personalized Excellence in Jet Operations with IJC Monaco

IJC Monaco will guarantee personalized services and a dedicated team of experts, who will ensure safety, efficiency and regulatory compliance of the Jet’s operations.