Our Own High Performing Gulfstream G550

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Introducing our very own G550 – the epitome of elegance, efficiency, and exclusivity in private aviation.

12.500 km
Max Speed
Mach 0.85
Baggage Compartment
up to 24 Suitcases
PAX Capacity
Up to 14
Step Into Unmatched Opulence
From plush seating to state-of-the-art amenities, immerse yourself in luxury.

The interior of the Gulfstream G550 is a testament to luxury, comfort, and sophistication. Every aspect of the cabin is meticulously designed to provide passengers with an exceptional travel experience.

Here are some notable features of the OE-LTC‘s interior:

Spacious Cabin

our G550 offers a generous cabin space that can typically accommodate up to 14 passengers. With a wide and tall interior, passengers can move around comfortably and enjoy ample headroom and legroom.

Elegant Design

the cabin exhibits exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail. From the carefully selected high-quality materials to the tasteful color palette, the interior exudes elegance. Luxurious finishes, such as fine leather upholstery, polished wood veneers, and premium carpeting, create a refined ambiance that reflects the G550's status as a top-tier private jet.

Seating and Bedding Comfort

the G550 features plush, ergonomically designed seats that prioritize passenger comfort during long flights. The seats provide ample personal space and allowing for easy conversation and collaboration. They are adjustable and equipped with various amenities like built-in massage functions and personal entertainment screens.

OE-LTC’s night configuration, enhanced by Euler’s handcrafted Diep Sleep System (link aus dem Fact sheet) provides luxurious sleeping berths for 6 (4 Single/ 1 Double), which delivers an exceptional travel sleep experience.

Well-Appointed Galley

the G550 includes a fully equipped galley that offers the convenience of in-flight dining. The galley is designed to cater to the needs of passengers featuring amenities such as a microwave oven, refrigeration, a coffee maker, and ample storage space for food and beverages. The crew can prepare and serve gourmet meals, snacks, and beverages throughout the flight.

State-of-the-Art Entertainment

OE- LTC is equipped with a cutting-edge entertainment system, ensuring passengers remain engaged and entertained during their journey. The system includes high-definition displays, audio systems, and on-demand options for movies, TV shows, music, and more. Passengers can also stay connected with Wi-Fi – Download Capacity of up to 15MB/sec - and satellite communication systems, enabling them to work, browse the internet, or stay in touch with colleagues and loved ones

Well-Designed Lavatories

the G550's lavatories (rear and front) are designed with comfort and convenience in mind. The rear lavatory is equipped with modern fixtures, including a vanity, ceramic sink, and heated toilet seat.

7. Soundproofing and Cabin Climate Control

the G550 incorporates advanced soundproofing technology to minimize noise levels within the cabin, ensuring a peaceful and quiet environment. Additionally, the aircraft is equipped with an efficient climate control system that maintains a comfortable temperature and optimal humidity levels throughout the cabin. Another highlight is the investment in a Ionization Purification System, which provides clean air and sanitized surfaces.

In summary, the interior of the OE-LTC is a harmonious blend of luxury, comfort, and functionality. Passengers are treated to a spacious and tastefully designed cabin, plush seating, cutting-edge entertainment systems, and the convenience of a well-equipped galley. Whether for business or leisure travel, the G550's interior provides a truly exceptional and enjoyable flying experience.

Engineered for excellence
Superior Performance at Your Command

The G550 boasts a maximum cruise speed of Mach 0.85. It’s performance is attributed to its twin Rolls-Royce BR710 engines, each providing over 15.000 pounds of thrust. These engines contribute to the G550’s ability to climb quickly and efficiently to high altitudes, where it can cruise above weather disturbances and most commercial traffic.

Range: 12.500km (6.750nm)
Max Speed: Mach 0.85
Long distance Speed: Mach 0.80
Baggage Compartement: 4,93cubicmetre (24 Suitcases)
PAX Capacity: Up to 14
Stay Connected, Stay Informed
Harness the power of cutting-edge technology at 40,000 feet.

The G550 incorporates several technological advancements that contribute to its overall performance and safety.

Highlights are:

Enhanced Vision Systems

Cockpit Crew can see through low-visibility conditions such as fog, smog or darkness, enhancing situational awareness and reducing the risk of accidents

Plain View Cockpit

Integration of several avionics systems in a cockpit, including large high-resolution displays, intuitive controls and advanced automation features, enabling the pilots to operate the aircraft with precision and efficiency

Advanced Weather Radar

Real-time weather information allows to anticipate and avoid adverse weather conditions, ensuring a safer and more comfortable flight

These, and several other technological advantages of the G550 contribute to its overall safety, efficiency, reliability and passenger comfort. The G550 is the preferred choice for discerning travelers seeking a cutting-edge Private Jet experience.

„I never slept better in a Private Jet before”.

Happy Customer (G550)

A happy and well rested client after a good night sleep in our G550, which is equipped with the Deep Sleep System by EULER.

“The Service on board was sensational and the Crew made my day”

G550 Client

“Super-Fast Internet on board, which is great. As for the rest – well looked after G550 in the hands of a highly professional crew”

G550 Client

“Very professional Crew who dealt with last minute changes and request in a pragmaticand efficient way”

G550 Client

“Beautiful Jet, great Crew – happy to fly with them again”

G550 Client

“Greatand transparent communication, always quick to provide feedback and pragmatic approach to short notice changes or challenges in general“

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